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Bulk Billing for Psychological Issues

Depression. Anxiety. Grief and Loss. Family Therapy. Birth Trauma. Addictions. Children Acting Out.

No matter what Psychological Issue you are concerned about, you CAN find a Bulk Billing Psychologist in Brisbane at M1 Psychology Loganholme and Vision Psychology Mt Gravatt. Both off a Free Emotional Health Check Up to health you find the right psychologist for your needs and budget.

PhD Psychologist Logan

Phd Psychologist, Dr Amanda White, now offers appointments at the M1 Psychology Clinic in Logan.

Amanda will provide expert help for:

  • mood disorders
  • anxiety
  • addiction
  • cognitive and somatic symptom disorders
  • eating disorders
  • personality issues

to clients in the Logan area.

Find out more about this exciting new clinic at the website:

Psychological Treatment for Eating Disorders

Amanda WhiteDr Amanda White Psychologist provides psychological treatment for Eating Disorders.

Amanda has developed an outcomes-focused practice following her positions in both the public and private sectors. She is a highly experienced clinician, having worked successfully with a variety of conditions, including:

  • mood disorders such as depression and bipolar
  • anxiety
  • addiction
  • cognitive and somatic symptom disorders
  • eating disorders
  • personality issues

Amanda also has experience fostering resilience with people who have intellectual and physical concerns.

Please take a few moments to browse this website to find out more about Amanda’s clinical background and professional and academic experience.

To book an appointment with Dr Amanda White, freecall 1800 877 924 today.

Overcome Depression without Medication

Are you keen to overcome depression WITHOUT medication?

Scientific research shows that counselling can be a very effective treatment to overcome depression.

There are a number of evidence-based therapies which a registered psychologist can draw on when providing treatment for depression, to tailor a therapy program specifically for your needs.

You’ll find plenty of information to help you overcome depression at:

Anxiety Counselling Services Brisbane

Visit our website and find out about our full range of anxiety counselling services.

Dr Amanda White is just one of our psychologists, experienced in helping people to overcome:

Learn how to manage the symptoms of anxiety and lead a fuller life!

Help for Panic Attacks

Do you get hot, flustered and flushed, find your palms are sweating, and you become extremely anxious in certain situations?

Chances are you are experiencing a Panic Attack. Find out more about this distressing condition, and what you can do about it, by reading this article by Brisbane Psychologist Dr Amanda White.

Pain Management by Psychologists

chronic painDo you experience chronic pain?

The latest research proves that a Psychologist can offer valuable support and teach you skills to manage your pain and find relief.

Amanda White is a Brisbane Psychologist who was recently interviewed for an article on the About Pain website, as she is recognised as an expert in this revolutionary approach to pain management.

To book an appointment with Amanda White, or another Brisbane Psychologist experienced in using Mindfulness Meditation to treat and find relief from chronic pain, visit our website today!


Amanda White has been working as a registered psychologist in Brisbane, providing counselling to adults and adolescents who experience depression and anxiety. Freecall 1800 877 924 to make an appointment.